Book Title: Two Guns

Subtitle: "...this guy is unstoppable - Hopkins writes with fire in his hands...." - Laramie Harlow

Authors: John Christian Hopkins and Hopkins, John Christian

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Book Description: Cowboys? Navajoland? Romance? A Western historical fiction? Yessir, we got that covered in TWO GUNS!

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“Once again John Christian Hopkins masterfully weaves a tale of history with heart as he shares this tale of a gunfighter seeking redemption. Hopkins lures readers into putting down their electronic devices in order to delve into life in the Old West.” – Stephanie Henningsen, journalist.

“John Christian Hopkins’ latest effort gets ‘two guns’ up! This book is a sure shot!” – Darrell Perry, avid reader

Two Guns is an Arizona ghost town located near Flagstaff at the mouth of Canyon Diablo. The boom town sprung up when plans to build a railroad stalled, leaving dozens of men with time on their hands.

John Carrier Steele, 45, the man known as “The Widowmaker” has lasted longer than most of the legendary gunfighters; now as the ravages of his age and a harsh life are catching up with him, he must face his greatest challenge—to tame one of the last and wildest of the Old West boom towns, Two Guns. But a man with a reputation has to constantly be on-guard for troublehunters and shootists who want to earn a name for themselves.

Some of the townspeople hope to build a town with a future in the Arizona desert, while others just want to get rich and get out. That’s Seth Gratton’s plan and a wide-open lawless town suits his plans. No gunman himself, Gratton needs to find someone to eliminate Steele …

Young Wally Dalton likes to strut about town wearing two guns; growing more eager with each passing day to prove that he’s a fast gun. Wally’s half in awe of Steele and wants what the lawman has: a reputation.

As if he didn’t face enough trouble already, someone has been robbing the Flagstaff stage. The stage driver is an old friend and when he is killed during a robbery, Steele vows to avenge his friend.

Clara Beauregard: A hardened madam who grew up among the soiled doves. She has no illusions about life and still pines for a never-forgotten love—Steele.  Maybe there can be happiness in her future?


John Christian Hopkins and Hopkins, John Christian


Two Guns Copyright © 2014 by John Christian Hopkins. All Rights Reserved.


Two Guns
John Christian Hopkins and Hopkins, John Christian

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Hopkins, John (1960 – ) is an enrolled member of the Narragansett Tribe of Rhode Island.

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